Terms of Service

WALSOS is a mobile application that provides its users with live video sessions with experts with the option to gift live video sessions with experts for family members and friends, and sharing experts session details will earn the user loyalty or rewards points from the WALSOS mobile application its offerings (or services) of website (www.WALSOS.com), mobile application and various devices, including tablets, laptops etc. WALSOS services are subjected to the following terms and conditions (which will be amended periodically) along with the privacy policy (www.WALSOS.com/privacy)

WALSOS possess the rights to change, add, delete or modify any part of this terms of service agreement without any prior notice and your usage of our services is a testimony to your acceptance of the revised terms and in case, if you do not explicitly agree with our terms, you are free to stop using our services.

The Service
Your registration details:

To access most of the features of WALSOS, it is recommended that you register with your details and once you choose to register, it will be assumed by us that you are providing your accurate, correct, complete and updated details about you during the registration process. All kind of data that you provide will be governed by our privacy policy agreement. You must be an adult to register and use WALSOS. Also you agree that, you will provide only your phone number during the registration process.

Account confidentiality:

You as a registered user is solely responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your account and also all the activities that takes places under your account. You also agree to bring to our immediate notice, if you detect any kind of unauthorised usage of your account or the breach or lapse in security. we are in no way responsible or liable for any kind of loss or damage that you might incur, either by failing to comply with the aforementioned security measure or by some means of external interference from undesired elements.

Amendment to service:

WALSOS reserves the right to change, modify, alter or even discontinue either for some period of time or even permanently (partial or complete) with our without any notice. You agree that, WALSOS (or any entities and third parties associated with the service) will not be held accountable, liable or responsible for suspension, alternation, modification or discontinuance of the service.


WALSOS rewards that are part of the service are purely promotional in nature and these rewards are offered by WALSOS, rewards are applicable to be redeemable in exchange for service.

the following points are applicable with respect to rewards on WALSOS:

  • Rewards cannot be used to pay or barter for any other additional services, commodities unless permitted by WALSOS.
  • Sale, transfer or gifting of reward is prohibited
  • Reward can be withdrawn or cancelled if it conflicts with the law
  • WALSOS is not responsible if you are unable to redeem your rewards due to any kind of reason

Third-Party Services:

WALSOS uses third party services like Facebook, Google or Twitter login and by opting to use for third party services for login, you are permitting WALSOS to pass your account details to these services and the data and information that they store are governed by their security and privacy policies and WALSOS shall have no any responsibility or liability for the way your information is being handled by the third parties. Also, the third party login is enabled to provide our customers with an addition option and it is not anyway related or connected with our endorsement of the third party and WALSOS is not to be held responsible, liable or accountable if the third party decides to terminate your association with their services or shuts down its service.

Services on mobile devices: WALSOS services can be access via phone or tablet and this might include data charges. Also, by using your mobile device, you agree to receive SMS, push-notification and emails on your device and you are responsible for the security of the data that reside in the device. Also, in case you change your phone number, you need to update your WALSOS account with the same.

Condition of use User content:

All kind of data and information like pictures, graphics, content, video, audio and everything related to the application is to be linked and related to the user from which such content originated, thereby, user and not WALSOS must be held accountable for any kind of gross, offensive, malicious, or detrimental content.

Intellectual Property Rights

Content and trademarks:

All content, data and information is protected by the copyright law, patent and proprietary rights. By being part of WALSOS, you agree to honour and respect intellectual property rights of WALSOS and its Experts and you must not attempt to copy, transmit, modify, sell, resell, lease, distribute, loan as a part or as a whole the information, except the user content that you have uploaded on your own and which you agree that you possess complete rights to that content (user content). Also, you do not attempt to hack, copy, reverse engineer, data mine or run any kind of malicious code on the application in general.

WALSOS name and the logo is the trademark of WALSOS company and this includes the application, services and the intellectual property rights related to the experts that are registered with the company and user is forbidden to use any trademarked material unless authorised by WALSOS or the Expert(s) that are registered with WALSOS.

User and Experts content & submissions:

You as a user or an Expert is solely responsible for the content that you post on WALSOS and you declare that you will not post any content that is not your own and you do not own any rights to it. And, by posting content, you hereby grant WALSOS, our marketing, advertising and social media partners and any other entity associated with WALSOS the complete rights and freedom to use, modify, transmit, store, distribute, promote, sell, sublicense the user and expert content and WALSOS is not required to compensate any user or expert for their content. Also, at WALSOS, any suggestions, ideas, comments, emails, questions, submissions or any kind of info that you provide to WALSOS via email, app, phone or any other medium will be considered as user or expert content and the above mentioned rules are applicable to this form of content as well.

Copyright information and removal of copyright materials:

In case, you notice any of our users or Experts has posted any content that violates copyright law, then you are free to contact us and we will remove the copyright material from WALSOS. You can contact us at:

By mail:

  • Al Salmiya – Qatar st – block 7- building 62
  • Royal Costa Tower – 2nd floor – Office 5

By email:


By mail:

+965 22067060

Application providers and Third party links

WALSOS will be made available via website (www.WALSOS.com) and also through Google Play Store and Apple App Store (providers) and you agree to abide by the rules of the usage of the WALSOS application as set forth by these providers and your license to the usage of this application can be blocked or revoked by the provider without any kind of prior notice. Also, provider is not obliged to provide maintenance or technical support with respect to the WALSOS application.

In the event of any dispute arising from intellectual property right, WALSOS and not the provider is responsible for any kind of property infringement violation.

External links and third party websites

WALSOS website might include links or accessing of external websites that might also include details about rewards offered by partners. WALSOS is no way connected or associated with any kind of external links that arise out from WALSOS website and you as a user is solely responsible for any kind of damages that you might incur by visiting or accessing all kind of external links and WALSOS is shall not be held liable or responsible, either directly or indirectly.

Indemnity and Release

You agree to release, indemnify and hold WALSOS and its experts, associates, affiliates, directors, promotes, employees any anyone connected or linked with WALSOS harmless from and against any and all losses, lawsuits, threats, damages, propaganda, media campaigns, expenses including legal charges of any kind of harm, injury, damage, loss (including death) arising out of services or content.


Your usage of WALSOS services is at your own risk and the services offered is provided by experts registered with the application as ‘Experts’ or Service Provider and WALSOS is not to be connected, associated or linked with the services that is being offered by the experts and renounce any kind of accountability that might incur with your usage or interaction of the WALSOS application as a whole.

Furthermore, WALSOS does not guarantee that the services will be free of any error, interruption or disruption.

Limitation of liability

If you are not satisfied with any portion of WALSOS service or with these terms of service, the only solution for you is to just STOP using this service of ours. You agree to the fact that, we are in no way liable or to be held responsible for any kind of damages, losses or inconvenience of any kind that might be cause by your usage of our service, the inability to use our service, limitations and restrictions placed on our service, your misunderstanding about the usage of our service or even by unauthorised usage of our service.

Termination & Suspension

WALSOS might suspend, terminate, limit your access or enforce restrictions on your account for use of service for any or no reason, with or without prior notice or warning. Your access to the WALSOS services might also be suspended or terminated if you violate any of the clauses of this term of service agreement and your account will also be subjected to termination or suspension if WALSOS finds you to be abusive, deceptive, fraudulent or possess criminal or illegal intent, moreover, any kind of violation with legal consequences will result you being referred to the appropriate law enforcement agencies. Deactivation of your account for these aforementioned reasons or cause will void all your rewards and your agreement with Experts that you are associated with. You also agree that, WALSOS will not be liable or responsible for any kind of damages that you might incur due to the suspension or termination of your account.

In case of the Experts: if the expert e-wallet account is in the minus WALSOS reserve the right to peruse legal process to regain the amount owed by the expert to WALSOS.


In case of dispute between you and Experts, WALSOS will not bear any kind or responsibility or legal cost resulting from the dispute. Also, if this dispute is the result of the violation or breach of the agreement between WALSOS and user, WALSOS reserves the right to terminate user account as mentioned in the ‘Termination & Suspension’ clause (see above). Any dispute arising out by the usage of WALSOS services will be governed by the laws of Kuwait.

Information and verification by SMS services

To safeguard user’s privacy, WALSOS enforces SMS authentication to verify user’s identity before granting them access to most of the WALSOS services, although, certain sections of the application can be browsed without registering or verifying your account details. Registration with WALSOS means, your wiliness to receive SMS alerts from WALSOS the registered merchants at WALSOS.

Additional Terms of Services & Privacy Policies

Apart from the above mentioned terms of services, you will be subjected to Privacy Policy (check our Privacy Policy section for more details) and also to additional terms of services that may apply when you use affiliate services, third-party content, merchant related policies or third-party applications (including external links).

Privacy Policy

This privacy policy of WALSOS is all about the way we collect, use, gather, share, store, protect, safeguard, secure the information and data of our users and also of the visitors who visit and use www.WALSOS.com and iOS and Android applications of WALSOS.

By using the WALSOS services (such as visiting website, registration as user, interacting with experts, receiving and redeeming of rewards etc.) you agree to our Terms of Service and also all the clauses (described below) of this Privacy Policy. In case, you choose not to agree with our policies (Terms of Service and Privacy Policy), either in full or in part, may choose not to use WALSOS services.

Apart from this Privacy Policy, you will be subjected to Terms of Service (check our Terms of Service section for more details) and also to additional terms of services (including their respective Privacy Policy) that may apply when you use affiliate services, third-party content.

Information with WALSOS

When you as a user interact (either by signing up with WALSOS or by visiting the website or applications) with the website or the application or use or be part of the services that application or the platform provide (including experts services), WALSOS might collect and gather information from the user.

Information from users

User data might range from the information that the user voluntarily provides during the registration process, when the user fills the contact us form, takes part in surveys, contacts customer support etc and this data include date of birth, name, gender, phone number, email address, mailing address, phone number, location, device type, username including the information that is provided in surveys, questionnaires, emails, customer service requests etc. Information that you might exchange via sessions related to rewards might include data such as your purchase history, total amount that was spent, rewards earned / redeemed, purchase date, transaction details including credit card details. The data related to rewards are essential for smooth functioning of WALSOS rewards programme.

By agreeing to this privacy policy, you thereby acknowledge, authorise, approve and agree that WALSOS not only collects and stores user data, but also transmits or transfer the data to centralised storage (data server) or data centre at one of the WALSOS approved, secure and certified facility or premises or third party storage partners.

Information extracted by WALSOS Platform

WALSOS as a website and application deploys cookies, log files, web beacons, tags and other forms of tracking technologies to automatically gather and collect some kind of user data including information that include total number of measures, user statistics and also information that are related to the user’s habits and preferences. User’s data is usually used by the WALSOS platform for business intelligence, report generation and for usage by the operations team to provide optimum and enhanced user experience. Some part of the user data might be shared with certain third party application in order to provide the user with the required or desired output.

Information collected by cookies

Cookies are used on the WALSOS platform to provide convenience to the user, for example, enabling cookies might save time as the browser retains login credentials and form data. In case, if any of WALSOS users do not wish to make use of this functionality, users are free to turn it off in their browser settings.

Information collected by third party services

Apart from gathering user information via website, applications and device data, WALSOS might also collect user data from third party services that is linked with the WALSOS platform, including login credentials used in case, if the user choose to login to their account with social media accounts.

In case of providing data to the third party services directly, like login-in by using social media accounts, third party might store your data in their system and the user data (of WALSOS) is subjected to the privacy policies of the relevant third party and WALSOS is not responsible and shall not have any kind of liability or accountability for the privacy and security practices of any third party service providers.

Information that are used

All kind of data and information provided by the user and also extracted by the WALSOS platform will be put to productive usage in accordance with privacy policies as mentioned in this document. Also, if any particular information shared by the user for some specific purpose, the information will be used only for the purpose that was intended. Also, WALSOS might use certain information of its users to contact or reach them in order to inform them about the additional services or features that might be of interest to the WALSOS users.

Information that are shared

WALSOS does not sell, disclose, leak or pass user data to any third party or external entities, however, in some cases, data and information is transmitted to the third party that is linked with the WALSOS platform, such as:

  • experts those are registered with WALSOS:
  • WALSOS provides user data to experts in order to send rewards, validate rewards, to provide information regarding redemptions, offers and for other things that are required in order to provide effective consultation service to WALSOS users.

  • Business to business:
  • In case, at some point of time, if WALSOS is being merged or is taken over by some other business entity, user data will be handed over to the new owners in accordance with the WALSOS privacy policy.

  • WALSOS entities:
  • Data might be shared with other WALSOS entity that has interest in running and functioning of the WALSOS service and this kind of information sharing will be in accordance with the WALSOS privacy policy.

  • Employees and associated of WALSOS:
  • Certain information will be shared with employees in order to facilitate them with carrying out specific tasks and assignments like tracking rewards, sending emails, managing and maintain database, enforcing data security etc.

  • Your public profile data that you choose to make public:
  • Some part of the data such as First and Second Name, Profile Picture, Gender and Location are made public by default and can be viewed by other user (that are registered with WALSOS). However, related information such as age, phone, email and birthday can be either made public (by the respective user) or can be hidden (private).

  • Information provided to law enforcement:
  • In case, if this is required, WALSOS will be forced to share user data with law enforcement.

Information user can choose not to share

Some information can be shared with third party for marketing or promotional purpose and this will be done with user consent and WALSOS will also have the option to opt out of marketing or promotional campaign.

Information that are not covered

Certain information such as general emails, postings, direct messages, product development ideas and suggestions, complaints and other kind of unsolicited information will be categorised as non-confidential and will not be subjected to the privacy policy of WALSOS and WALSOS in-turn is free to use, distribute, reproduce, disclose and advertise it without any kind of limitation and restrictions.

Underage information

WALSOS does not encourage children to register as user and in case, if it is detected that the database contains information that is submitted by children that are aged under the legal adulthood age, WALSOS will immediately delete all the data of underage users.

Security of user information

WALSOS as a system, website, application and platform is designed to be safe, secure and user friendly with strict guidelines for data security. However, if any kind of data leak, data loss, data misuse, unauthorised usage and access to the system, external hacking or total destruction of the data takes place, WALSOS is not liable or responsible for any kind of lapse in data security and user need to provide data and information to WALSOS at the own free will and the data that they might provide might be subjected to all kind of attacks on the World Wide Web.

Privacy Policy might be subjected to changes

WALSOS is constantly evolving and refining from time to time and as per the need and requirement of experts, user, third party and the general market conditions and thereby, the clauses in this privacy policy will have to be modified accordingly. WALSOS reserves complete right and authority to revise, modify, alter or update this privacy policy from time to time, with or without prior notice. You as a user or an expert is advised to review this document periodically and you continued usage of WALSOS service is your acceptance of our revised privacy policy agreement (if any).

Accessing user information

You are free to contact us if you find your information on the WALSOS platform incorrect and we will update it accordingly. Also, you can correct or modify information related to your account details by accessing your WALSOS account.

The competent courts and the applicable laws

The competent courts are the courts of the state of Kuwait. The Kuwaiti laws shall be applicable.


The following terms shall have the same meaning in this contract: Wal Sos company, Wal Sos (OPC), WalSos, the company, and company.